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I started my career as a professional tattooer in 2005 after dropping out of The Art Institute of California- San Diego. Art school left something to be desired, and tattooing was just the teacher I needed. In 2011, I began traveling around the US which gained me some momentum and allowed me to hone in on my style and approach. My travels eventually took me to Nashville, Tennessee where I met my future wife. After a short stay in Nashville, she and I moved to Oklahoma City where I now co-own Thunderdome Tattoo with Randy Randerson. Here I have been able to focus and find my real voice as an artist.


My focus is on Japanese tattooing and painting. This style of art translates well to the human form and can cover large sections of the body which suits my preferred size and scale of work. With respect always to the art forms of Japanese tradition, I aim to approach an ancient subject matter with a new voice.

-Josh "Horiokie" Ross


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